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Message 1910848 - Posted: 5 Jan 2018, 18:07:52 UTC

I know that this is mathematics and not science, but congrats to the people involved in finding the largest prime number! Fivethirtyeight ran an article, and subtly gave S@H some press as well:

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Message 1911168 - Posted: 6 Jan 2018, 17:55:04 UTC - in response to Message 1910848.  

Mathematics is science. In fact, it is the mother of physics, chemistry and astronomy.
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Message 1911180 - Posted: 6 Jan 2018, 18:20:34 UTC

Still waiting for some quantum computers that would do the same task in virtually no time at all.
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Message 1924579 - Posted: 14 Mar 2018, 20:21:32 UTC - in response to Message 1910848.  

Wednesday March 14 2018, 1:18 PM

I shall celebrate the existence of that new, and a bit large, prime number with a toast! If someone can send me a copy of it, maybe i can use it as wallpaper? :)

Whoopie, a truly thrilling event. Now, if only Hillary, oops, I mean "Blamery," would go to the other side of the universe I would have a 2nd, and larger drink. :)

Fairy Tale:
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And it was a long time ago. :)
The End
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Message 1924707 - Posted: 15 Mar 2018, 10:40:27 UTC

A true tale.
A short time ago there lived a woman
who won the popular vote at an election
But along came the wicked Ogre of the West
And said sorry I'm giving it to someone else.
The end
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