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Message 1914381 - Posted: 21 Jan 2018, 5:18:16 UTC - in response to Message 1914365.  

Yes, there were a bunch of password, authentication and login commits this month that have already been propagated to the server software last week.
Add support for "visible password" checkbox

You can review all the commits related to login on that page.
It looks like it's probably the one where the "forgot email address?" field and link was removed. The github code, though is basically the back end, where the form input gets processed. I don't know if there's any record of the HTML changes to the actual login page, anywhere.

I don't think removing that one field, by itself, would normally have had any effect, but it would be my guess that the old HTML must have included "tabindex" attributes. Likely the old page had the Email address input field as "tabindex=1", with the Password field as "tabindex=2" and the Login button as "tabindex=3". I'm not sure you could even have tabbed to the "forgot email" or "forgot password" links, but with the "tabindex" attributes gone, now every field is included in the default tab order. Just one of those pesky little details that someone probably never even gave a thought to.
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Message 1914405 - Posted: 21 Jan 2018, 12:26:14 UTC - in response to Message 1914343.  

(I couldn't find a way to put them in one horizontal line, though).
That's one of the "features" of the so-called web site upgrade that got dropped on us over a year ago. Kittyman has expressed his disappointment several times that he can't get his signature images to appear side-by-side, as they used to. The problem is in the new CSS, where the "display: inline" default attribute is getting overridden by "display:block". I can't see any useful reason for that change. It simply came with the new CSS and was never changed back to the old attribute. I commented on it a couple times, in response to kittyman's posts (see Messages 1834656 and 1870131) , but nothing ever came of it.

And I would STILL like it fixed so it works the way it used to.
It at least seems like a relatively minor fix. But then again, I do not know coding.

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Message 1914538 - Posted: 22 Jan 2018, 3:55:27 UTC
Last modified: 22 Jan 2018, 4:04:54 UTC

And for even a little more of fun, "You have not yet read this message", in my own language, by placing the mouse above the icon, next using the header for both Message 1862388 as an example,
and also for this one as well, by accessing both the proper thread for this, which should be yellow in color, like the icon itself, rather than perhaps white.

Still I could be on a web page while surfing around here, and also full screen as well, so next I could also make a bit of a laugh here.
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