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Message 1904499 - Posted: 2 Dec 2017, 21:38:44 UTC

Hello All,

I have a program that takes the NASA exoplanet archive website ( ) and then compare the workunits from seti@home that I have created, and display how close the workunit is to the exoplanet, before the introduction of the Ross 128 b planet I would have planets between 1.9 and 5 light years away from the WUs.

With the introduction of the new planet the distance between the Workunits to the new planet is between 0.0202 and .5494 light years.

I know earlier this year there were seeing some Weird! signals coming from the star Ross 128 and they thought that the signals are transmissions from one or more geostationary satellites. ( ).

I am wondering if is this what Seti@home workunits are seeing these as signals from the geostationary satellites?

I may have to filter this planet out of my calculations if this is the case.

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Message 1904530 - Posted: 3 Dec 2017, 0:59:59 UTC - in response to Message 1904499.  
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Hey! That's an interesting comparison... With a very interesting early result... Exactly what s@h-type Science is all about. Likely not ET but you may have found something...

And your comparison sounds a lot simpler and perhaps more practical/immediate than Dr A's adventurous 'BIG DATA' piplined (Nebula) crunch through of all the results so far... (OK, quite different but also very interesting in a different way.)

Note though:

Do you see any time or direction specific extra signals relative to Arecibo (or GBT or Parkes) that merely identify the local airport and the aircraft flight paths?...

Or might you be mapping where we have our geosynchronous satellites?

Is the view to Ross coincident with the geosynchronous orbit?...

At least for the geosynchronous satellites, is there a sky location arc published for each of the telescopes? Highlight those differently? Or mark similarly as for the Milky Way / Zodiac? (Then see what everyone else finds?...)

Look forward to seeing the results!!

Keep searchin',


OK, not quite an answer for you regarding Ross but go FLOSS-style and release what you have thus far with the usual admonishments about being an experimental work in progress? Then see what testers/people find?

Sounds good!
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