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Message 1904103 - Posted: 1 Dec 2017, 14:34:57 UTC

Getting pretty annoyed with Seti. A few years back I switched the email address I used and suddenly over a million credits disappeared, years of work vanished. Within the last months credits have disappeared. Does anyone reasonably believe that in the 15+ years I've participated, I have under a million credits...especially since there were periods of years when SETI was the only BOINC app I ran? I don't see this issue with other BOINC apps.

Just call me, "frustrated and about ready to walk away."
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Message 1904104 - Posted: 1 Dec 2017, 14:45:29 UTC - in response to Message 1904103.  
Last modified: 1 Dec 2017, 14:49:21 UTC

Firstly the account you are posting from shows a join date of 12th October 2012, so it seems likely that when you "switched" e-mails you inadvertently create a new account.

You are also saying that credit "disappears" , this is not something that I am aware happens, so perhaps you are logging in with two different accounts and seeing different totals.

This happens sometimes, since you have had several computers over the years it is possible they log on under different accounts.

Before you ask, no it is unfortunately not possible to combine accounts.

NOTE a quick look shows another Shawn85206 who joined in may 1999


Is this also you.
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Message 1904105 - Posted: 1 Dec 2017, 14:49:04 UTC

It would depend on if you were looking at the external stat sites or the project sites for your credit.
The external stat sites sometimes, in my experience, have issues correctly showing user credit.
FreeDC currently shows your account had "-43,863,353" yesterday and is not currently displaying SETI@home under your list of projects.

BOINCstats shows your credit over the past 2 years has only increased for SETI@home.

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Message 1904171 - Posted: 1 Dec 2017, 17:01:06 UTC

I can honestly state that this did happen to me, but I knew why and my hands were tied at the time. I used BOINC waaaayy back on another computer, and ran a few different @home topics. Then I stopped when I changed computers and no longer had access to the internet.

When I logged into this new client version on this newer computer, I could remember my seti@home log in, but not another. As I began jumping back into the ones I was familiar with, I was able to slowly figure out the passwords and email accounts. All but one...

I was really intent on running it though (Rosetta), and knowing that I could not for the life of me remember how to sign in, I simply created another. I know when I go back to the older computer and turn it on, my original account will be right there, waiting on me.

I have actually thought about creating a group just to join the credit in what ever way possible, but for now, it isn't a priority.
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Message 1904179 - Posted: 1 Dec 2017, 18:06:35 UTC
Last modified: 1 Dec 2017, 18:38:45 UTC

I think that these are at least two different user accounts, but that both also should be merged, possibly separately,
because here there are the same computer being listed twice for both of the accounts.

I still have most of my computers lying in the open here, but except for perhaps credit across more than 14 years, it probably does not get any better by putting it together in a different way.
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