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Chris Higgins

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Message 1903211 - Posted: 27 Nov 2017, 22:28:01 UTC

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere; I couldn't find it using search!

Has anyone published their builds for high-performance SETI@home/BOINC machines? I'm interested in building a Linux PC for the sole purpose of doing SETI work, and am assuming somebody else has already done the performance-per-watt math. I just want to see it. :)

Thanks, y'all!

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Message 1903383 - Posted: 29 Nov 2017, 3:05:21 UTC - in response to Message 1903211.  

I don't see any Linux machines in Shaggie's list mainly because he doesn't scan for that OS. GPU FLOPS: Theory vs Reality

But the most productive hosts at SETI are running Linux with the "special app" developed by Petri and TBar. Top 100 Hosts

Read the Linux CUDA 'Special' App finally available, featuring Low CPU use thread to get up to speed.

The Linux CUDA 8.0 and CUDA 9.0 apps are here.SETIv8 Linux Apps @ Crunchers Anonymous
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Message 1903413 - Posted: 29 Nov 2017, 6:00:22 UTC

Shaggy has excluded Linux machines from his list. I'm sure he explained why once, but I assume it was because there were so few when compared with the mass of Windows machines.
Undoubtedly just now the "Petri/TBar" special app running on a 9xx or 10xx processor under Linux is a long way ahead of the same processor running SoG under Windows.
Actually, don't read the whole of that thread, just the first few posts, then skip to the end for the latest news - the stuff in the middle has been superseded, and the oldest give the basic installation and set up instructions.
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