Hey gyes; I need some advice about a new system.

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Message 1900628 - Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 1:15:40 UTC

I'll be straight up and honest. I hate it when people come to me for something and then let me down such as a situation like this. So I'm not trying to be an A Hole but I spoke to a gye tonight on my local adds about buying a rack for the use with SETI. Its got an i7 860, 12 GiB DDR3 and like I say its a Rack. I know we have talked about GPU crunching but for the £70 hes wanting + delivery the reason is I'm thinking it will provide very little to no noticeable gain over what I'm crunching on with my Nix network.

For an i7 860 Rack with DDR3 @ 12 GiB it worth the £70 but I'm not 100 % stuck on it for the gain.

What do you folks think.
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Message 1900635 - Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 2:07:21 UTC - in response to Message 1900628.  

I have an i7-960 that I consider basically useless. I was using it as a GPU feeder before, but it always ran so hot, with 3 different coolers it never did run under TDP (even without a case) - it needs liquid. I fired it back up for the last WOW Event and it ran 5125 RAC under linux CPU only. Nothing to scream at. It now has 2x 1050Ti @ 46k RAC running 2 CPU cores - and still screaming hot.

I did a comparison on CPUBOSS and the GeekBench results say the 960 is 15.76% better than the 860, so that would put it around 4430 RAC to expect. Being a rack mount unit (you did specifically say that, but I assume) it will be LOUD. And I'm not sure what to one would expect for PCIe slots to use, and cooling for them.

I think 70 is about $120 CAD, that would be about all it is worth. To me to noise would be unbearable. But the rack I would use, LOL.

For around $100 CAD I can get a used 750Ti and expect about 16k RAC or $200CAD for a new 1050Ti for 20k RAC. Drop a single card into one of your other computers (you have Linux too) and get much more performance for a similar price and a LOT less power use.

My 2 cents, Do you need a rack, that may be your deciding choice ...
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Message boards : Number crunching : Hey gyes; I need some advice about a new system.

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