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Paavo Hartikainen

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Message 1899453 - Posted: 6 Nov 2017, 1:52:55 UTC

Current SETI@home BOINC client seems to be able to communicate over IPv6, but project servers do not have it enabled.

I captured DNS requests made on IPv6-only network when trying to start SETI@home BOINC client, and following servers appear without IPv6 AAAA record:

- setiathome.berkeley.edu
- boinc.berkeley.edu
- setiboinc.ssl.berkeley.edu
- boinc2.ssl.berkeley.edu

Only after redirecting each through NAT64, client started up successfully.

I tried to find list of servers from documentation but failed, list above is based on my observations with "tcpdump".
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Questions and Answers : Wish list : IPv6 connectivity for servers

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