BOINC Manager process priority problem on Windows, 32 bits.

Questions and Answers : Windows : BOINC Manager process priority problem on Windows, 32 bits.
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Message 1895458 - Posted: 15 Oct 2017, 5:07:03 UTC
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Should really be mentioned, but I had another mouse in because the Microsoft mouse emptied its batteries.

Perhaps a bit clumsy with its intermediate connection interface, or rather a box for this, which is round or roundish, but the weight makes for it not falling to the floor.

But more the problem that when running on 32 bits, the whole Manager says "Suspended, waiting to run", when some four tasks are running and
I want to do more than sit back and enjoy the show.

Three or more factorization tasks apparently kills off everything else and while still on BOINC Manager 7.0.64, because I went through most of my disks,
in order to find a bootable partition, I do not have Process Lasso, or the like installed or running here.

Checking the settings box in the Manager for that of running, I get a sense that perhaps process priority is slightly poorly defined, because if not wrong,
the whole Manager is set to be running at low priority as a whole and this also means the separate tasks themselves.

Perhaps a wish list, but possibly the Manager could be more generous and rather than wait in the queue, also could be given the possibility of more stealing the show.

I also made the mistake of leaving the computer without any tasks running, but with the current problems, at least I returned back to a computer which had been restarted and next that
the Manager needs to be manually started, when only the system services is set to start.

Should get back at it, but except for the weight and also the keyboard, definitely some similarities between a laptop and a regular computer at times.

Edit: No need for a reboot when upgrading, so here spending some five minutes is worth the effort.

But also noticing that while the shortcut icon becomes right or correct on the Start-menu and also under the BOINC program folder, it ends up being a dead link on the taskbar of the desktop.

Here needs a possible fix, because now it became BOINC Manager 7.8.2 here.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : BOINC Manager process priority problem on Windows, 32 bits.

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