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Message 1866828 - Posted: 12 May 2017, 1:33:38 UTC

I to pay attention to my personel Computing and credit it do'nt to raise !? Why?
Taiwan Pingtung
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Message 1866849 - Posted: 12 May 2017, 5:04:05 UTC

There are two types of reported for you.
"Classic" - you did 3254 work units that took 13652 hours. These figures are a historic record of what you did under the old, pre-BOINC way of counting work done. These figures will not change.

"CreditNew" - This is the current way of scoring work done, looking at your data you have two currently active computers:
One with a GTX970 GPU, this one has an average credit of ~5700, and total of ~91300
One with a HD 5400/R5 GPU, this one has an average credit of ~440, and a total of ~7200
These have both contacted the servers today, and show work as having been returned today.
You have a third computer listed, which is probably an old instance of the first one, which last contacted the servers on 3 April 2017.
Bob Smith
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Somewhere in the (un)known Universe?
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Message 1866853 - Posted: 12 May 2017, 5:41:25 UTC

Maybe he means RAC not Credit. He has a lot of pendings on both cards. It sometimes looks that you are returning work but standing still with results.
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