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Message 1844944 - Posted: 28 Jan 2017, 9:58:12 UTC

From Pravda :
Сотрудники американского космического агентства NASA заявили об угрозе в виде огромного астероида, который может упасть на Землю в феврале 2017 года и вызвать масштабное бедствие в виде цунами.
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Google translate:
Employees of the American space agency NASA said the threat of a huge asteroid, which may fall to Earth in February 2017 and to cause a large-scale disaster in the form of tsunami.

As usual with Russan media we should consider them unreliable. This kind of stories sometimes also occur in the press here in the west but nothing happens.
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Michael Watson

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Message 1844969 - Posted: 28 Jan 2017, 17:12:03 UTC

Pravda used to be an official government newspaper, in the old Soviet Union. Today, it's a sensationalist tabloid.
This story is about the object 2016 WF9, probably a large comet with most of its ices depleted , so resembling an asteroid. It will pass Earth at a very safe distance of 51 million kilometers, on February 25th.

link to article on this object:
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