A team of scientists is preparing to phone ET's home.

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Message 1838070 - Posted: 27 Dec 2016, 3:12:19 UTC

Why wait till 2018? I have a gut feeling we will never hear from ET. Signals from Voyager 1 & 2, have been riding in space for some time. We have sent so many probes to other planets, someone should have noticed.

I love Lucy re-runs are out in space. You would think she would have attracted something.

We landed on the moon, they did not notice?
Ham radio transmissions have been sent.
That only worked in a movie.

We blasted a comet, nothing.
We have Hubble taking pictures.
Case in point we have tried. Have we tried our best. NO.

Do we stop searching NO.

Time to find ET.

Must be careful what we wish for.

The San Francisco-based non-profit organization METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) International has announced plans to start sending signals into space for extra terrestrials starting in 2018, rather than waiting for them to contact Earth.

ET Phone Home
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Message 1838082 - Posted: 27 Dec 2016, 4:58:59 UTC

I'm still not so sure that we (as a planet) should be trying to draw attention to ourselves from whoever may be out there. If they already know we are here and haven't been reassured about our ability to a) take care of our environment and b) get along with our neighbors, then why go looking for trouble. E.T. isn't going to help us solve our earthly problems, those are things we must deal with on our own.
Bob DeWoody

My motto: Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow as it may not be required. This no longer applies in light of current events.
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Message boards : SETI@home Science : A team of scientists is preparing to phone ET's home.

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