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Jim Martin Project Donor

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Joined: 21 Jun 03
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United States
Message 1832547 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 3:08:27 UTC
Last modified: 26 Nov 2016, 3:09:00 UTC

The "Slate" color scheme is difficult to read, for me. From my experience in computers (I am a
retired elec. engr.), yellow characters on a light blue background would be my preferred color
scheme, if the scheme could be modified.
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Profile Dave

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Joined: 15 May 99
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United States
Message 1832550 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 3:16:46 UTC

I am not really liking this Slate. I find it is really hard to read.
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Profile Shannock9

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Joined: 4 Jul 99
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United Kingdom
Message 1832551 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 3:17:36 UTC
Last modified: 26 Nov 2016, 3:19:33 UTC

When I first logged on and it was all dark, my reaction was "who died?"

As others have said, "Slate" is a step backwards in readability.
Standard triumph of form over function.
Where is the option to revert to Classic please?

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Profile Jeff Buck Special Project $250 donor
Volunteer tester

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Joined: 11 Feb 00
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United States
Message 1832556 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 3:52:39 UTC

"Slate" seems to be little different from my school days in the '50s and '60s, when white chalk on a black slate slab was the standard. A more suitable name for it today might be "Archaic".
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Joined: 11 Apr 01
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United States
Message 1832558 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 4:03:25 UTC

Not a fan of this color scheme............while it might be fine on a tiny screen - it is
depressingly dark on my 24" LCD......................the layout is ok ....the color(s)
not so much
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Profile *Viking*

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Joined: 2 Nov 03
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Message 1832581 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 5:35:59 UTC

Another vote for too dark and hard to read.

I prefer the "old" site.
* Viking *
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Profile JaundicedEye Project Donor

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Joined: 14 Mar 12
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United States
Message 1832591 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 6:32:08 UTC - in response to Message 1832428.  
Last modified: 26 Nov 2016, 6:32:42 UTC

We changed the SETI@home web site to use Twitter Bootstrap, a CSS toolkit. This makes the site usable on small displays, and lets us use color schemes developed by other people (this one is called Slate).

More usuable on small displays? My windows phone displayed just fine and I used it to adjust jobs on my machines with ease.

"Sour Grapes make a bitter Whine." <(0)>
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Profile Wiggo "Socialist"

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Joined: 24 Jan 00
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Message 1832599 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 7:13:20 UTC
Last modified: 26 Nov 2016, 7:15:23 UTC

After inverting all the colours on this site it's actually very readable now and no longer giving me headaches. :-)

But I shouldn't of had to do that.

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Profile petri33
Volunteer tester

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Joined: 6 Jun 02
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Message 1832610 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 7:48:15 UTC
Last modified: 26 Nov 2016, 7:54:41 UTC

The dark appearance is bad for my eyes. It makes the pupils of my eyes open up and the vision gets blurred.
With the new colour scheme I need glasses to read the forums and stats.

1) I'd like to have an option somewhere to select permanently an other (brighter) scheme..
2) The valid tasks (and pending/invalid/err) page has Application column. It displays "SETI@home v8
Anonymous platform (NVIDIA GPU)" divided in two lines no matter how big my screen is or how small I set the font. I'd like to have it displayed as one line when there is horizontal space available.
To overcome Heisenbergs:
"You can't always get what you want / but if you try sometimes you just might find / you get what you need." -- Rolling Stones
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Profile Keith Myers Special Project $250 donor
Volunteer tester

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Joined: 29 Apr 01
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United States
Message 1832611 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 7:49:44 UTC

Well looks like the complaints from the peanut gallery fell on attentive ears or something. SSP now reconfigured to be readable finally. I think I can get used to the colors.
Seti@Home classic workunits:20,676 CPU time:74,226 hours
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Profile marsinph
Volunteer tester

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Joined: 7 Apr 01
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Message 1832628 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 9:17:45 UTC - in response to Message 1832428.  

Like the most, i dislike this dark color.
I had no any problem to display on my Windows smartphone (2.5in).
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Profile Raistmer
Volunteer developer
Volunteer tester

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Joined: 16 Jun 01
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Message 1832634 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 9:55:14 UTC

Golden rule of development is broken.
If you add new feature allow opt out from it !
If you added new color scheme - make choice available to revert to old one.

In particular, white on gray is BAD choice.
SETI apps news
We're not gonna fight them. We're gonna transcend them.
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Sirius B Project Donor
Volunteer tester

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Joined: 26 Dec 00
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Message 1832638 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 10:55:28 UTC

"This new Boinc dress look good on me..

...yes dear, your eyesight is perfect"

Vainty has always been a b*tch!
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Profile tullio Project Donor
Volunteer moderator
Volunteer tester

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Joined: 9 Apr 04
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Message 1832649 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 12:14:20 UTC

As an old typographer I like black fonts on white pages, Times New Roman.
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Richard Haselgrove Project Donor
Volunteer tester

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Joined: 4 Jul 99
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United Kingdom
Message 1832652 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 12:21:19 UTC - in response to Message 1832526.  

Another potential annoyance that I'm seeing is that all page titles are now prefixed with "SETI@home:". That means that the more tabs you have open at one time, the more difficult it is to figure out which tab is which, unless you hover your mouse for a second or two to get a popup hint.
I think that's always been the case - the page source looks the same on non-Bootstrap project web pages.

But now you mention it, the pop-up on my team message board page reads:

SETI@home: Team message board for <a href=team_display.php?teamid=145273>Raccoon Lovers</a>

- I don't remember the anchor url being visible before.
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Profile Zeus Fab3r

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Joined: 17 Jan 01
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Message 1832654 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 12:29:13 UTC - in response to Message 1832634.  

Golden rule of development is broken.
If you add new feature allow opt out from it !
If you added new color scheme - make choice available to revert to old one.

In particular, white on gray is BAD choice.


Who the hell is General Failure and why is he reading my harddisk?¿
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Joined: 27 Nov 02
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Message 1832662 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 13:58:22 UTC

When did this sharp crisp flat grey Microsoft 10 form theme-y presentation become trendy.

Yes Server status is difficult to read (particluarly disabled sevices)
Science Status and the unchanged Data Distrabution at least remains on the old clear white background)

Would like to see a dish back but the home page banner is an improvement.
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Profile Shaggie76

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Joined: 9 Oct 09
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Message 1832664 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 13:59:57 UTC

Thank you for the quick fix on topic titles, though!
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Volunteer tester

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Joined: 7 Mar 04
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Message 1832679 - Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 16:18:57 UTC


The menu item for server status page points to https link. The page itself links to custom.css and sah_logo_wb.png over http. These days browser don't necessarily retrieve content over insecure connections when the page is served over secure connection. You should leave the protocol out so that browsers can choose the same protocol that was used for the page.

Also, the links to BOINC main page and addons are over http. Maybe they should be protocol-less or https to keep using the same level of security.
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