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Message 1758453 - Posted: 23 Jan 2016, 1:33:09 UTC
Last modified: 23 Jan 2016, 1:33:38 UTC

The mIRC SETI Team is looking for fellow SETI@home crunchers who not only enjoy devoting their equipment to the project, but also enjoy hanging out and chatting with their teammates and others with similar interests on good 'ol Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Our IRC channel #SETI@home on the EsperNet IRC Network is also a source for others in need of assistance with participating in the project; but make no mistake about it, shenanigans and general chat are always a blast here!

You can view our SETI@home team page here for our current specifics. If ya would like to know more about us, including a short history of our team along with more helpful information and links please visit our website!

Join the mIRC SETI Team! Download your free copy of the mIRC client and visit us on in #SETI@home - free snax! :D
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Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : Join the mIRC SETI Team!

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