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Questions and Answers : Macintosh : boinc & RAM Disk

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Message 61207 - Posted: 6 Jan 2005, 9:59:44 UTC

Hi, I am wondering if anyone else uses RAM Disk for their boinc processing? and if so how do you do it, manually using terminal like with these commands
hdid -nomount ram://disksize
newfs_hfs /dev/rdiskN
Initialized /dev/rdiskN as a [disksize]MB HFS Plus volume
hdiutil mount /dev/diskN
or with an GUI app like RAM Disk Creator..?
if so how does it work for you?

Also if anyone knows of a really good AppleScript way of making an RAM Disk, preferably with options like different size's, cause i found one where even tho i choose a higher size its always formats it too 5MB's.. Thanks, Matt

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Message 61629 - Posted: 7 Jan 2005, 10:00:15 UTC

Hi Matt,

Why would you want to that. Seti is in RAM already? If you are wondering about
writing (default every 60 secs) just change your prefs at seti and use a higher
value! Besides there is not that much of a preformance hit!

Keith J. Schultz

Lee Kilpatrick
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Message 73735 - Posted: 24 Jan 2005, 17:06:24 UTC

I was using SETI in a RAM disk because I wanted the hard drive to not be used all the time, i.e. have it spin down when I wasn't actively using it myself, especially because I am running it on a laptop.

So I was running it on a ram disk, and noticed a bug in SETI -- I would often get a -9 error (not enough room) and my workunit would end up with 0 credit. It seems to me like there is a bug in SETI because I had what seems like plenty of space allocated for the RAM disk (50 M). How much space does it need to store the results and/or intermediate data from one workunit?

You say that the preferences setting will work to let the hard drive spin down if you set it to a long time? The description of that preference item is not clear. It says "write to disk at most every" (60 seconds). That means it will write to disk no more frequently than 60 seconds? I thought maybe it meant it would never wait longer than 60 seconds to write to disk -- thus you would never lose more than 60 seconds of results if you shut down or the computer crashed.



Questions and Answers : Macintosh : boinc & RAM Disk

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