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Andreas Leonhardt

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Message 3487 - Posted: 2 Jul 2004, 15:21:42 UTC

I write this into the "wish list" subsection because I think this is a general bug that should be solved. If not so, please correct me.

Well, BOINC with Seti@home shows the following behavior on my WinXP based machine: When having work as screen saver (on my machine: after 5 minutes of inactivity) and I move my mouse to get the computer up to work again then the Seti@home graphics window showing the data analysis does not minimize itself but remains open at approx. half the size of my screen. Minimizng it manually is no problem but I think that normally the window should minimize itself automatically as all older versions of Seti@home did. Should this be a permanent problem that occurs on your machine, too, please post this here so that the programmers of Seti@home/BOINC are informed. A not self-minimizing window could even make analysis time longer in general as users who do not recognize that the window remains open need some processing power to compute the 3D grahics.

If this is just a local problem please tell me if you know any reasons or solutions.

Andreas from Germany
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Profile Thierry Van Driessche
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Message 3500 - Posted: 2 Jul 2004, 15:49:17 UTC
Last modified: 20 Jul 2004, 13:07:31 UTC

This behavior of the screensaver was already posted in one of the forums in the Beta test phase.
It is indeed still present in this version as well.

I guess DEV team had other priorities and therefore had no time to resolve this problem.
Strange thing is when I tested the screensaver for the first time with the actual software, I did not have this problem. Once I run the screensaver a second time, the problem came up.

In fact when the PC is active again, the windows of the screensaver should disappear completely.

Greetings from Belgium.
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Questions and Answers : Wish list : Minimize after Screen Saver

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