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Message 1659743 - Posted: 31 Mar 2015, 9:04:27 UTC

I found it quite ironic that the thread to discuss closing the Politics forum, because of flaming, insults, and discussing moderation, was also closed for the self same reasons. But nevertheless, whilst open it did yield some interesting results.

At the time it was locked, 1479 viewed it, 147 posted, 14 voted, with the results 4 yes, 8 no, 2 temporary closure.

90% were lurkers, of the remaining 10%, 10% of those voted, of that 1% some 60% said no. Therefore only 0.6% of all viewers voted to keep it on. That was remarkably close to Eric's figures from all those years ago. Which bears out the premise that the Forum is there for a mere handful of opinionated people, within which I include myself.

However of those that use it, there was a clear majority in favour of it continuing by a ratio of 2:1, in which case the people have spoken and it should therefore continue. Although I now note that there is another vote to say no, which coming after the discussion thread itself was locked is not surprising.

Thank you to all that took the trouble to participate, I hope it has provided some useful feedback as a sort of "State of the Nation", and certainly it was being seen that way by some. But I think it has served it's purpose now, and should be left locked, as to open it will likely invite more of the same. Bernie has explained why his name is shown as the OP, but I will request the Moderators to keep it locked.

If anyone wants to continue the discussion elsewhere that is up to them, and the poll remains open.
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