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Message 1597921 - Posted: 6 Nov 2014, 23:55:26 UTC

Here's an interesting relic from the dawn of TV history that the French are keeping alive long after most other countries have given up the officially funded chases:

Why the French state has a team of UFO hunters

Thousands of UFO sightings are reported every year but not many countries are willing to spend money investigating them - there is just one dedicated state-run team left in Europe. Is France onto something?...

I really like the startling UFO ring and the down-to-earth explanation. Reminds me of the various long winded threads about UFO puzzles that turn out to be nothing more than out of focus bugs on or in or too near the camera lens...

And then there's the infamous blurred debris from one of the space shuttles that was captured by onboard cameras that set the UFO people abuzz for years...

Seek and ye shall see what you want? ;-)

Keep searchin',
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