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Message 3403 - Posted: 2 Jul 2004, 9:11:25 UTC

I think with the amount of people having problems with this software, it should be suspended until all the problems have been ironed out. Also I have never seen a message board so active and I think a chat room would be more aproppriate.
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Message 3406 - Posted: 2 Jul 2004, 9:18:00 UTC
Last modified: 2 Jul 2004, 9:20:06 UTC

Go to There you can download addon software for Boinc. One of the download choices is Boinc mIRC (IRC software). It is a ready setup and will take you straight to Boinc chats.

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Message 3415 - Posted: 2 Jul 2004, 10:39:56 UTC - in response to Message 3406.  
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Questions and Answers : Windows : problem chat room needed?

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