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Bazsó-Dombi András

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Message 1500619 - Posted: 6 Apr 2014, 8:58:20 UTC


I've been running SETI@Home 6.12 successfully on one of my Raspberry Pi computers for quite a while now, but recently, thanks to the help of a gentleman named Daniel Carrion I've been able to switch to version 7.027. I'm very enthusiastic and I started running SETI@Home on not one, but 3 Raspberry Pi computers simultaneously!

Unfortunately the 700 MHz Broadcom CPU of the Raspberry Pi is fairly weak at the computations required by SETI@Home, so it takes about 2 weeks to complete a task (running 24/7). But the Raspberry Pi has a fairly muscular GPU (Mali-400, I think), it would be great if SETI@Home could make use of it. Do you have any plans for supporting the GPU?

Since there are millions and millions of Raspberry Pi computers out there, I'm guessing that it could be a real benefit to the project if it could make full use of the hardware.

Thank you!
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Questions and Answers : Wish list : SETI@Home on Raspberry Pi

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