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Andrew Heath

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Message 1497797 - Posted: 31 Mar 2014, 9:44:26 UTC

Before I start opening up my machine to the SETI cause, I want to know how much data is exchanged between the SETI computers and my own. I don't want to find that I end up blowing my data limits set by my ISP.
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Profile Ageless

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Message 1497802 - Posted: 31 Mar 2014, 10:12:58 UTC - in response to Message 1497797.  

So, set a maximum that the project can download then. In your computing preferences, you can set Transfer at most X Mbytes every Y days. Set the value to well below your data limits, and you should be good to go.

Example given, you have a data plan of 1000 megabytes a month, then you set the value there to 600MB per 30 days.

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rob smith
Volunteer tester

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United Kingdom
Message 1497863 - Posted: 31 Mar 2014, 16:00:23 UTC

To give you an idea of task sizes:
An MultiBand download is about 300k
An Astropulse download is about 8Mb

The results returned by both is about 30k

To give you an idea of amount of work done
My top cruncher does an MB in a few hours on the CPU, or 10-20 minutes on the GPU, and is doing seven task concurrently on the CPU and 6 concurrently on the GPU.
(You can see a summary of this PC here http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/show_host_detail.php?hostid=7085153 - this PC is currently 56th on the SETI leader board, out of about 250,000, so it is "no slouch")
Bob Smith
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Andrew Heath

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Joined: 31 Mar 14
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Message 1498188 - Posted: 1 Apr 2014, 13:41:59 UTC

Thanks guys. Now I know I can set the limits, I am happy to join the ranks!
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Message 1500731 - Posted: 6 Apr 2014, 20:11:41 UTC

Really nice and easy to set up, thanks guys.
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