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Message 1472823 - Posted: 5 Feb 2014, 0:11:08 UTC


Please advise why Astropulse (which I would use if wasn't such a tremendous drag on my RAM)continues to engage when I have disallowed in my preferences. Thank You.
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Message 1472834 - Posted: 5 Feb 2014, 0:38:36 UTC - in response to Message 1472823.  

Make sure that the project preferences have AstroPulse v6 unchecked and that you also unchecked If no work for selected applications is available, accept work from other applications?

Make sure that the venue this is for (default or ---, home, work, school) is the same as the one set for your computer (click the correct one if more than one, Details, check that Location is set at the same venue that the previous preferences were set to.

Any work still in cache will have to be run or aborted.

Ancient Astronaut Theorists can tell you that I do not help with tech questions via private message. Please use the forums for that.
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Message 1473328 - Posted: 6 Feb 2014, 15:47:57 UTC - in response to Message 1472823.  

Ageless answered the technical part on pointing to possible causes of why you're getting AP work when you've asked it not to, but I wast to understand the "I would do AP if it wasn't such a tremendous drag on my RAM" part of your statement. AP only uses approximately 96MB of RAM per task. Your system specs state you are using an AMD quad core CPU with 6GB of RAM, so if you were running 4 tasks, it would use no more than 384MB Of RAM, which is about 1/3 of a Gig.

I'm not certain I understand the statement that it is a tremendous drag on your RAM. Could you explain further?
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