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Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Unable to connect to the core client

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Message 1470412 - Posted: 29 Jan 2014, 19:23:52 UTC

Message is shown in Boinc manager window.
What does that mean? How do I fix it?
Boinc manager version: 7.2.33
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Message 1470444 - Posted: 29 Jan 2014, 20:42:58 UTC - in response to Message 1470412.

Same answer I gave you in the other forum.

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Message 1470506 - Posted: 29 Jan 2014, 23:16:01 UTC

Funny, one computer, two BOINC accounts, and a member of two different teams.
In any case, do check the readme.rtf file in the BOINC Programs directory (/Applications/BOINC/) for information on how to deal with connection problems between client and the manager on the Mac.

In case of it being one computer, multiple user accounts on that computer, do check Selecting which users may run BOINC Manager, in the BOINC Wiki.

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Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Unable to connect to the core client

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