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Message 1457693 - Posted: 26 Dec 2013, 17:09:53 UTC
Last modified: 26 Dec 2013, 17:10:09 UTC

For some reason today I started receiving work units for my GPU. I never have nor do I want my GPU to work.

How do I stop form receiving the GPU work units. I have not modified anything in my account or settings, so I do not understand why it just started up downloading GPU work units.

Help please,
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Message 1457698 - Posted: 26 Dec 2013, 17:35:33 UTC

You can go to your account page and change your seti@HOME preferences to not do GPU work.

Though using the GPU is no worse than using your CPU to crunch work especially if you are only running one WU at a time. It will generate heat but not so much that your GPU will have a shortened life.

If you are having lag problems from the GPU if you are doing intensive gaming or god forbid work, then you can just tell BOINC to not do GPU work when the Computer is in use.
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