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Questions and Answers : Windows : first work unit

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Message 3351 - Posted: 2 Jul 2004, 3:31:25 UTC

OK -- resigned up under boinc - got my password and installed the software - deleted old Seti at home -- system keeps giving me messages like:
requesting 172761 minutes of work,
and getting back -- "no work units availabe"
what gives?

Profile nightowl
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Message 3384 - Posted: 2 Jul 2004, 6:34:36 UTC

dont delete old s@h until this new one is fully operational

John McLeod VII
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Message 3499 - Posted: 2 Jul 2004, 15:48:39 UTC

There is a severe shortage of WUs. You have several choices: Add another BOINC project, wait for S@H WUs to be available, go back to S@H1 for a while, or go someplace else entirely.

Currently the only other active public project is There are more expected - Astro Pulse (AP), Climate Prediction Dot Net (CPDN), and Folding@Home F@H are the top contenders. Development has restarted on AP. F@H and CPDN are in secretive phases at the moment.

Questions and Answers : Windows : first work unit

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