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Message 1455441 - Posted: 19 Dec 2013, 13:48:12 UTC

In the screensaver option what should my setting be? It asks for 4 different parameters 1. "Blank screensaver after (0-999) minutes", 2. "Run Overview screensaver (0-999) minutes", 3. "Run Project screensavers for (0-999) minutes, 4. "Switch between between screensaver projects every (0-999) minutes"

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Message 1455473 - Posted: 19 Dec 2013, 16:01:47 UTC - in response to Message 1455441.  


Setting 1 is the total amount of time the screensaver sequence remains visible before the screen goes dark.

Within that time, the sequence alternates between the BOINC Overview screensaver and any screensavers there may be for individual projects such as SETI@home. So settings 2 and 3 determine the overall length of the sequence by having so many minutes for the Overview stuff and so many minutes for project screensaver(s).

Within the project screensaver time, you can set (setting 4) how many minutes each project's (or task's) screensaver runs before another project's (or task's) screensaver takes over.

What you actually see depends on how many tasks you have running at the time and how many of those actually have screensavers. If only one of them has a screensaver, that's all that'll be shown during the Projects phase. If none of them have screensavers, the Overview phase will run continuously.

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Message 1487123 - Posted: 10 Mar 2014, 19:22:58 UTC

I'm confused on this. Probably not helped by the buggy behavior of the latest screensaver.

The only project I have is SETI, and I'd like its graphics to run. And apparently 0 = never.

So I assume if I set "blank", "overview", and "switch" to 0, and "screensavers" to 5...I'll get a 5 min. sequence of SETI...followed by more 5 min. sequences of SETI.

Is that right?
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Message 1487457 - Posted: 11 Mar 2014, 14:59:10 UTC - in response to Message 1487123.  
Last modified: 11 Mar 2014, 15:28:06 UTC

I suggest you set "Blank screensaver after" near the time set for your monitor to sleep (there is no point to run the screensaver invisible when monitor sleeps)

See the picture and link in this post:

Probably you want something like this:

This will show the graphics of first task for 2 minutes then switch to show the next SETI@home task.
After 30 minutes the screen will go Blank (Black)

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Message 1487877 - Posted: 12 Mar 2014, 17:20:29 UTC - in response to Message 1487457.  

That doesn't look like the Mac settings window. This is the Mac form isn't it??
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