Can't seem to max out GPU and CPUs

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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Can't seem to max out GPU and CPUs

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Message 1451277 - Posted: 8 Dec 2013, 1:51:55 UTC

Howdy. So, I recently did some upgrades on a system and have been having some issues. I have the newest version of BOINC (downloaded last night), a freshly installed Windows 8.1, and the latest NVIDIA drivers for my old Geforce 280 GTX cards in 2-way SLI. I have 8 GB of RAM.

I was having trouble getting both GPUs to run but all 8 of my logical processors on my FX 8320 would max out at 100% for World Community Grid except for the one paired with the GPU for SETI, so I tried out the lunatics patch thingie in hopes of getting BOTH GPUs to compute.

Now both GPUs are constantly computing, but I'm only ever maxxing out around 3 cores at most. Utilization is hanging around 30% for CPU overall in windows task manager. Everything is set to 100% and unlimited core utilization in the BOINC manager. Halp?

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Message 1451318 - Posted: 8 Dec 2013, 5:24:16 UTC

Without seeing the logs, we have very little hope of figuring out what is going on. We may need to turn on some debugging flags as well.


Questions and Answers : Preferences : Can't seem to max out GPU and CPUs

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