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Amy Manley

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Message 1447929 - Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 15:34:50 UTC
Last modified: 28 Nov 2013, 15:35:25 UTC

How do i change users on a specific PC? I want to stop using my ex-wife's account and add that PC to my account.
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Profile Gundolf Jahn

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Message 1447954 - Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 16:59:11 UTC - in response to Message 1447929.  

First, you should set all your projects to "No new tasks" (BOINC manager advanced view / Projects tab). When all tasks are finished, uploaded and reported, detach from (delete) all projects. Then reattach (add) all projects you wish as returning user using your current email address.

That's all. :-)

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