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Message 1399416 - Posted: 6 Aug 2013, 7:20:01 UTC

Hope someone can help? I recently put BOINC on my GFs computer and now when I try to access my account through the BOINC manager it opens MS Word where the login screen appears but it won't accept the login info or go to my account. I have tried to check the programs that open files but this command is imbedded within the BOINC manager so is not accessible to me to change the opening program. I have never had this happen before and have had BOINC on many computers. Anyone know why this is happening. Thanks in advance
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Message 1399508 - Posted: 6 Aug 2013, 13:11:22 UTC - in response to Message 1399416.  

This is not a setting embedded within BOINC at all, but an association on the local machine.

The login page is an HTML document. Check the local machine settings to see which program is associated with the .HTML or .HTM extensions. Sometimes when selecting Edit on an HTML or HTM file, MS Word is the default program to open if no other compatible HTML editors are present.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Login page goes to MS Word

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