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Michael K Derrick

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Message 1388289 - Posted: 6 Jul 2013, 13:06:39 UTC

Hi all,

Sad moment. Been running Seti@home since Aug 99 and now stopped for the first time :-( New WUs require v7, download of v7 doesn't work due to "Checksum or signature error ...". Now being asked to install a new version of Boinc.
I'm not really a Linux person, just hacked my way around enough to install Debian Lenny to host Windows XP VMs which are my real work environment. Need advice re upgrading BOINC.
1) Synaptic Package Manager says BOINC v6.2.14-3 is the latest version (I assume because Lenny is no longer supported)
2) offers "Download BOINC 7.0.65 for Linux x64 (2.93 MB)" then says tested with latest Ubuntu, might not work on others
3) has lots of info, but no real information as to whether the lastest BOINC will work with Debian Lenny

It seems like the the Berkeley Installer might be my best approach, but would welcome some advice from someone who knows a little more about this than I do, especially whether the latest version of BOINC will work with Lenny.


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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Debian Lenny - Seti@home V7 - upgrade BOINC - help

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