Meowch......sorry 'bout 'dat, wingys....

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Message boards : Number crunching : Meowch......sorry 'bout 'dat, wingys....

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Message 1378759 - Posted: 9 Jun 2013, 2:25:42 UTC

This morning one core of the last 295 I am running threw a fit and was ditching tasks left and right. I luckily caught it and reset the card. It looks OK at the moment.
But, I don't know how many tasks it plowed through before I found out.

Sorry, folks

Must be a rain cloud over you today. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you...
Another Fred
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Message 1379089 - Posted: 9 Jun 2013, 19:09:03 UTC - in response to Message 1379076.

My invalid task list is now up to 450. That 295 was being a very naughty cruncher.

Maybe that cruncher is getting ready to retire.

Message boards : Number crunching : Meowch......sorry 'bout 'dat, wingys....

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