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Message 1373925 - Posted: 31 May 2013, 1:04:14 UTC

A fair number of years ago I contributed time to the SETI project. Is there any process to have those credits reinstated or carried forward to my new account?
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Message 1373982 - Posted: 31 May 2013, 4:41:22 UTC

If it was "SETI Classic" then I'm afraid the answer is No, but you can have it displayed alongside your new credits.
If it was the current version of credit scoring then, so long as you know the old email address and password you can reactivate that account, change email address to your current one and continue where you left off as far as credits are concerned.
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Message 1384057 - Posted: 24 Jun 2013, 2:08:07 UTC - in response to Message 1373982.  

My question is in the same vain as the OP. Though my problem is that the info and stats from my old "classic" account (before BOINC), is what's being used in my new BOINC account. And since my email address has not changed, that may be the cause.

In light of this, I would be most grateful if I could find a way to correct that.
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Message 1384222 - Posted: 24 Jun 2013, 16:14:18 UTC - in response to Message 1384057.  

You have the account set up but no computers attached to this account. Your account should use the same email addy that you use to log into S@H. If it isn't you can't move the old SETI@HOME WU's so you'll have to log out of the current account you are using to crunch( that is if you are) and login to your account through the Boinc Manager using the same email as you used here to start crunching on this account
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Questions and Answers : Getting started : Old User - Requesting reinstating old credit

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