is it possible to run ?

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Message 1372679 - Posted: 28 May 2013, 7:21:26 UTC

hi to everybody out there.

I would love to know if it is possible to run ( I have a quad core processor ) all the cores on one work unit at the same time?, as I think it may get through them even faster. also I did seti a few years ago, but I cant remember my details, can anyone help???.
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Message 1372751 - Posted: 28 May 2013, 14:07:10 UTC - in response to Message 1372679.  
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No, this project does not have multi-threaded or OpenCL for CPU applications.
If you want to do fast, get a good Nvidia, AMD or Intel GPU and use that. Not that fast is imperative for this project, seeing how their data comes from several light-years away. Plus the fact that it's been running since 1999, yet the program that checks the database for the results is still not running. They're not really in a hurry. (See Ntpcker FAQ)

As for your details, if you can't remember any details about yourself, how do you expect anyone (with access to the database, thus not me) to help? ;-)

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : is it possible to run ?

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