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Questions and Answers : Windows : No Graphics 2

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Message 1370901 - Posted: 23 May 2013, 11:22:30 UTC

Hello, I'm newbie here.

Intel G640 2.8GHz, 8Gb RAM, Intel HD Graphics 3000.
Windows 7 x64
BOINC v7.0.64 x64

I can't get the SETI@home graphics to work. I see only the statistics in screensaver: my account name, credits, project name, progress bar & etc. But no any graphics below. It's just empty. In BOINC Manager on Tasks tab button Show Graphics is disabled. I think the problem is in graphics part of application. I'd read this thread, but all links there doesn't work. Anyone can help? Where I can download this _setigraphics_ part?

P.S. I'm from Russia, sorry about my poor English ;)

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Message 1370909 - Posted: 23 May 2013, 12:55:49 UTC - in response to Message 1370901.

The graphics application is downloaded automatically with the Seti_Enhanced CPU application. However, you run only Astropulse tasks, for which I'm not sure that there are graphics either.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : No Graphics 2

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