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Message 1367258 - Posted: 12 May 2013, 19:28:29 UTC

I have an error task since 2010.

Who shall I call to delete it? :-)

Machine ID: 6716400

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Message 1367260 - Posted: 12 May 2013, 19:32:34 UTC

Every now and then these "hangers on" just hang on. There is nothing that we can do about them, periodically there is a purge of the database that is supposed to get rid of such anomalies, but its a low priority job, and with everything else that's going on I doubt we see a purge being done nay day soon
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Message 1367458 - Posted: 13 May 2013, 13:31:47 UTC
Last modified: 13 May 2013, 13:41:52 UTC

Just noticed that I have one from 2010 as well. Claimed my rig abandoned it. But there were two validated results returned, yet it remains.


Wonder how many of these might be hiding in the DB.
I have contacted Eric to see if it warrants looking into.
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Message 1368348 - Posted: 16 May 2013, 4:26:42 UTC

Perhaps splitter CPU's should simply redirect their processing power to data maintenance when they run out of data to split?

Not sure how possible this might be, but at first glance it certainly seems plausible to redirect CPU power to low priority jobs when it's available.
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Message 1368354 - Posted: 16 May 2013, 5:47:11 UTC - in response to Message 1368348.  

I have a few as well ...
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