Tributes to chrissy from the Divineal's

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Message 1359700 - Posted: 22 Apr 2013, 7:25:13 UTC

To all Divineal's fan's

Just herd on the new's Chrissy lost her fight with cancer and past away today .

Sorry to hear your now in heaven Chrissy loved your music

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Message 1359914 - Posted: 22 Apr 2013, 17:03:46 UTC - in response to Message 1359700.

It's heartbreaking and a relief to hear of a singer/performer surrounded by her family and friends at the end.

Though she only had a few hits here, she is remembered well.
another sad passing
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Message 1360039 - Posted: 22 Apr 2013, 22:16:27 UTC - in response to Message 1359914.

I remember her well from the pub/club scene way back. She was 1 young hot chick with miles of energy back then.

Sad but has been expected for a few years now.

R.I.P. Chrissy.


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Message 1360326 - Posted: 23 Apr 2013, 14:25:08 UTC



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