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Sirius B
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Message 1359022 - Posted: 20 Apr 2013, 17:26:08 UTC

& still producing some stunning images.....

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Message 1359026 - Posted: 20 Apr 2013, 17:35:38 UTC
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Notice that it reads "wavelengthswith" at the bottom of the picture.

Perhaps someone could fix this error.

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Message 1359135 - Posted: 21 Apr 2013, 1:01:36 UTC - in response to Message 1359026.

Notice that it reads "wavelengthswith" at the bottom of the picture.

Perhaps someone could fix this error.

Helping Sirius B, here.

Image from Nasa.

Hubble Sees a Horsehead of a Different Color

Astronomers have used NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to photograph the iconic Horsehead Nebula in a new, infrared light to mark the 23rd anniversary of the famous observatory's launch aboard the space shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990.

Looking like an apparition rising from whitecaps of interstellar foam, the iconic Horsehead Nebula has graced astronomy books ever since its discovery more than a century ago. The nebula is a favorite target for amateur and professional astronomers. It is shadowy in optical light. It appears transparent and ethereal when seen at infrared wavelengths. The rich tapestry of the Horsehead Nebula pops out against the backdrop of Milky Way stars and distant galaxies that easily are visible in infrared light.

Hubble has been producing ground-breaking science for two decades. During that time, it has benefited from a slew of upgrades from space shuttle missions, including the 2009 addition of a new imaging workhorse, the high-resolution Wide Field Camera 3 that took the new portrait of the Horsehead.

Happy Birthday Hubble!

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Message 1359147 - Posted: 21 Apr 2013, 1:35:53 UTC

I never get sick of looking at these type of photo's simply beutiful

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Message 1359168 - Posted: 21 Apr 2013, 4:52:27 UTC

so beautiful !!


i see ... Milou !! (from Tintin)

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