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Message 1353797 - Posted: 5 Apr 2013, 18:10:42 UTC

Let me state in clear, simple language, why.
Because the presentation sucks. Sucky, sucky, sucky. Abysmally bad.
Or it is so clear the presenters are acting, while off camera (similar to the way some here post) they act, believe and think a different way.
You are losing because people that are anywhere remotely close to thinking like you do are put off by your abysmally bad presentations. (That, and when there's even a minor disagreement, you dignify them with the moniker of Ba'al.)
Crap. I guess "abysmal", "dignify" and "moniker" might have had a few too many syllables.
Oh, well, I actually trust you get the gist.
So, lesson is: keep giving sucky presentation, continue to lose, not because the other side is taking over the world and satisfying your apocalyptic nightmares.
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Message 1353850 - Posted: 5 Apr 2013, 20:22:48 UTC - in response to Message 1353797.  

it is surprising that the presentation doesn't discourage more from joining their ranks. It should be called VORWG(Very Old Rich White Guy) party. The big tent they put their name on is pretty empty considering who they really want to invite under it. Now they are using token blacks and hispanics to soften their elite white man speak. This is like hiring W.E.B. Dubois to stump for slavery. Its just hipocrytical to ask anyone not wealthy old and white to do the talking since those 1%ers are the only people they seem to want to help.
In a rich man's house there is no place to spit but his face.
Diogenes Of Sinope
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