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Growly Dog
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United Kingdom
Message 1351950 - Posted: 29 Mar 2013, 20:52:03 UTC

Hi Folks,

I setup a seti team in 2000 and last used it in I think 2001. I have searched for it and I see it still exists with me showing as the founder and the few other guys in the team listed as members.

It's not been used since 2001 and I cant remember any login details or what email address I used...It's probably an old email address I no longer have access to...

Does anyone know how I can get back into the account?

The team is called Highland Hunters.

Any help appreciated.


Profile Gundolf Jahn
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Message 1352433 - Posted: 31 Mar 2013, 12:13:46 UTC - in response to Message 1351950.

Did you already try the "Special instructions for SETI@home Classic participants" on the SETI@home homepage?

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John McLeod VII
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Message 1353089 - Posted: 4 Apr 2013, 3:12:18 UTC

Join the team with your current account. Request a foundership change. It will take a few months...


Questions and Answers : Getting started : Old Account Help

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