How do I update my drivers?

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Questions and Answers : Windows : How do I update my drivers?

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Message 1347240 - Posted: 16 Mar 2013, 10:17:56 UTC

I have a notice from the server (which I now realize I can't cut & paste for some reason so I'll type it in. grrrrrrr

AMD/ATI GPU: Update to the latest driver to process tasks using your computer's GPU.

I have looked all over the Advanced UI and I cannot find a spot where it allows me to update the drivers. I did find a button <Update> under the Projects tab, but that apparently just updates my stats.

How do I update to the latest drivers w/o having to reinstall the entire package all over again (which caused problems the last time)?


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Message 1347250 - Posted: 16 Mar 2013, 11:01:08 UTC - in response to Message 1347240.

You get drivers from the GPU manufacturer's web site. It's not a function that you do within BOINC.

So go to, fill in the details about your videocard and operating system, download the appropriate drivers and install those.

Or use for a more direct approach. Download only the Catalyst Software Suite and install that.

Expect at least one reboot.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : How do I update my drivers?

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