As An Atheist, I Want To Believe In GOD by Faith, Not Evidence. Scientific or Otherwise

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Message 1346315 - Posted: 13 Mar 2013, 21:25:32 UTC

GOD, Jesus, Or Name An Angel being Grilled By A Panel Of The World's Great Scientists and Intelligensia for Evidence/Proof.

GOD makes The Moon Disappear and For Good Measure, also Jupiter. Keeping Gravity In Check, Of Course. Once All The Evidence from The Astronomers comes in and Confirms, A Collective Nod is Felt Throughout The World by The Evidence Seekers.

Still, They All Do Not Believe.

GOD, Jesus, and Named Angel thanks them. The Holies Vanish and People are Left To Ponder.

Not A Scenario(make up your own) I Would Want to Convince Me.

It Would Not.

Why? Because There Is NO FAITH Involved.

Proof and Evidence is Too Much Of COLD HARD FACT. It Leaves The Soul Impoverished. Empty.

I Desire Faith. No Less. No More.

I Have Faith. I Will Believe. Evidence For Or To The Contrary For GOD's Existence. Would Not A Believer Make. Or Non Believer.

Faith Trumps All.

I Don't Have It. So I Do Not Believe.

Evidence Be Damned.

We Are All Bound For It.

p.s. I've been watching News From Vatican City since The White Smoke Billowed and Quite Enjoyed The Commentaries/Narratives.

Bless All Catholics and The New Pontif.


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Message 1346320 - Posted: 13 Mar 2013, 21:47:40 UTC

Thank you Dull.
Must not conflict resolve by suggesting that someone should go sit on an ice pick...

Message 1347399 - Posted: 16 Mar 2013, 18:50:58 UTC

Trusting Humanity's Commitments to Act Upon A Better Nature for The Nuturement of HumanKind with Science As A Basis and Atheism as A Core Driving Force, is By Far, No Better and I Would Conclude a Lot Worse, than Trusting Religions to Protect and Safely Advance Humanity.

It Is Better For The Human Species to Have Both Science and Religion as Partners.

This was Stated Nicely in the book The Creation: An Appeal To Save Life On Earth.

Battling One Human Enterprise Against Another Creates Destruction. Pick Your Example.

Science And Religion are Here To Stay.

Fight, Die and Go Extinct.


Be Bound.

Message 1377142 - Posted: 5 Jun 2013, 20:37:52 UTC

As An Atheist, I also Want To Believe, People Cannot Be Hypnotized/Zombieized by Hustlin'Hussein and HIS Minions. But Sadly, this continues To Be So. Hustlin'HUssein'sWorld Domination is continuing. And Many of These People are Atheist and Science Devotees. Man 'O Live.

Rational and Critical Thinking? NOT!

As An Atheist, I also Want To Believe, People Who Hate Rich People, would Actually Research/Study and Come To The Right Conclusions about The Huge Benefits to HumanKind The Richie Riches Create and Inspire. Hating On Success has become A Sickness.

Sadly, The Ones Who Tout Atheism/Science and are Self-Described Rationalists/Critical Thinkers are The Same who are Goose-Stepping to LIES, OBFUCATIONS, and Pitiful Peace Prizin' Stupidcating Speechifying. All for The Supposed Betterment of HumanKind.

The Sickness is Stupefying.

Bound For IT IT for Ages.

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Message 1377145 - Posted: 5 Jun 2013, 20:48:23 UTC - in response to Message 1377142.

You need a good conversation with ID if he comes back from vacation.

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Message 1377732 - Posted: 7 Jun 2013, 1:30:59 UTC
Last modified: 7 Jun 2013, 1:40:40 UTC

What's the point of "Politics" at all?

Isn't it something that we all should just hate?

Remember the politician in the U.S. Senate who passed through the abolition of the grant of federal money in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Probably because of complete and utterly naivity or negligence when it comes to the subject of science.

Politics really is or are about two things only and that is the subject of money and the keeping of laws.

Still, probably because of this, we are having poverty and illnesses in the world. Also conflicts and wars at times.
Some of this as a result of natural causes, others as a result of the evil of man.

Religion is not supposed to be helping science. Still everything that is around us which is not understood are being examined and possibly further investigated for an explanation of the exact phenomenon itself as well as possibly the reason for our own existence in this Universe.

I just forgot to read the thread title once again. If you happen to be an atheist, your are not supposed to be having faith (or even be faithful) at all.

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Message 1377816 - Posted: 7 Jun 2013, 6:20:33 UTC

You can believe in god and science . Just not religion and blind faith keeps us in the dark ages promoted by religious organisations . The bible teaches us that you do nor need to go to church to believe or pray to god . Faith does not mean you stop your kids from having a blood transfusion like some religious organisations do . Giving to charity is a good thing but only when it is done for the right reason and not just so you don't have to pay your fear shear of tax .It's when it's misused for a political end that I have trouble with it . Is it ok for a drug lord to give his money that has come from illegal gains and many deaths ok . If there was no science how long would we be hear even if we where all good little Christians . Is god going to stop a comet or meteorite from hitting us . What did the dinosaurs do wrong to be wiped out in gods eyes

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Message 1377908 - Posted: 7 Jun 2013, 8:53:57 UTC
Last modified: 7 Jun 2013, 8:55:07 UTC

The bible doesn't "teach" us anything, it is simply a book that you can read and decide for yourself what you think of it. It may have parables that are an "example" of what was/is considered good behaviour, but that is not teaching you anything in the accepted sense. Is there a Q&A section at the back? is there an on-line exam that you can take and get a distance learning certificate? God is supposed to be omnipresent so that you can pray at home and be heard, just as well as going to a church service. But that is not the point of church services is it? They are a simply a central meeting point for people of like minds to publicly demonstrate to themselves and to others their adherence to a particular belief and faith. And don't forget the collection plate of course, Vicars like waiters also need tips for a good service!

Message 1377992 - Posted: 7 Jun 2013, 12:27:48 UTC

And don't forget the collection plate of course

Yep, The Eye(I) Aren't(R) US(S) Collection Plate. Government Is A Religion. More So Now with The Penultimate Preacher, Peace Prizer Speechifier Hustlin' Hussein.

The Celebritizer and HIS Minions, for awhile, Had The Zombieized CONVINCED they should Do More For Their Country and NOT ASK WHY. That Paying More Is Good.

Now. Well. It Backfired. And Sweetness Is Really Tasty.

The Scientific Method Has Proven, The Drone Hit Man Is A TOTAL FAIL.

It Is Good To Be An Atheist Believer.

Bound For IT IT There There

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Message 1378128 - Posted: 7 Jun 2013, 16:41:20 UTC

The Drone Hit Man Is A TOTAL FAIL.

The droning on old man is a total fail ....

Message 1378276 - Posted: 7 Jun 2013, 20:53:25 UTC

The droning on old man is a total fail ....

Expected and Waited For Reply by The Other Old Man:

Jealous, eh? Someone Can DRONE ON Better than you.

I'm Sure OBlabby aka Maester Droner will Award You With An Honor/Medal.

All Things Come To Those Who Wait and Keep Living.

Bound For IT IT There There Somewhere Where?

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Message 1378333 - Posted: 7 Jun 2013, 23:32:58 UTC

Old Men Know to Trust.

No Belief Necessary.


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