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Questions and Answers : Windows : Pending credit

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Message 404 - Posted: 15 Jun 2004, 20:04:10 UTC
Last modified: 15 Jun 2004, 20:06:41 UTC

Hi my question is as follows. Will there be other user's to crunch this Wu, so that there can be given some point? It seems that 4 has crunched including myself, but no credit granted due to mismatch with claimed credit. Is what i'm currently guessing

John McLeod VII
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United States
Message 406 - Posted: 15 Jun 2004, 20:21:33 UTC

For some reason, the validator has not matched the three possibly valid results. At this point, it does not send them out again, and they stay in the pending state forever.

Questions and Answers : Windows : Pending credit

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