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United Kingdom
Message 1341741 - Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 20:11:49 UTC

Could you please turn off your downloads for a few hours at a time ?
( providing you have work for a day or two )

I know this is a weird request, but your fellow crunchers in the
EU ( I am in UK ) are having a hard time getting work.

I know you lot over there have a EQUAL interest in crunching , but
in the Big picture of things, you hogging the bandwidth and making it almost
impossible for us to get units to crunch harms us all in our aim to find SETI.

I say this because the servers are in the USA and the nearer you are to a server the better chance of getting downloads when a server is near.



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Message 1341745 - Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 20:21:18 UTC

I already have transfers suspended from 05:00-09:00 UTC. What more do you want from me! :P
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Message 1341754 - Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 21:01:40 UTC - in response to Message 1341741.
Last modified: 28 Feb 2013, 21:02:13 UTC

Try using a Http proxy located in US for your boinc client. My download speed is now acceptable after doing so.

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Message 1343101 - Posted: 4 Mar 2013, 22:08:39 UTC

With all due respect, no....thanks for asking.

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United States
Message 1343161 - Posted: 5 Mar 2013, 2:19:53 UTC

As I mentioned in the panic (82) thread..

Should look into giving a proxy a try.

I'm using HTTP, and "don't use for:",

That allows uploads and scheduler contact to be direct, but runs downloads through the US-based proxy. I downloaded just over 30 APs on the 2nd with that proxy and not a single one stalled or timed-out, and they took about 6 minutes on average from start to finish.

In case that particular proxy quits working, pick a different one from the list until you find one that works. They don't all work for downloads.
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Message 1343176 - Posted: 5 Mar 2013, 4:58:54 UTC

I joined Einstein a while ago so that all the desperate SETI souls could get their work.

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United States
Message 1343269 - Posted: 5 Mar 2013, 15:22:02 UTC - in response to Message 1341741.

Sorry, request denied.

The SETI@Home embargo shall continue. We are still a bit miffed about having been assaulted with the likes of the Teletubbies and Jeremy Clarkson for all of these years.

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Message 1343271 - Posted: 5 Mar 2013, 15:28:06 UTC

Cool... Canadians not mentioned. The disable/enable of network connections shall continue, eh!
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