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Message 1335444 - Posted: 7 Feb 2013, 14:19:43 UTC

On August 15, 1977 the WOW signal was picked up. It is interesting to note that the WOW signal was sent only 1 time. Do you think the WOW signal was sent by Aliens?
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Message 1335449 - Posted: 7 Feb 2013, 14:41:01 UTC

Why is your post interesting? This subject has been hashed out before. Lacking any further signals I'd say it is just as likely to be an anomaly as it is a one time intelligent broadcast from et
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Message 1335457 - Posted: 7 Feb 2013, 15:21:45 UTC

The signal was received only one time, when it passed through each of the two beams of the 'Big Ear' radio telescope at Ohio State University. We don't know if it was being sent immediately before this point or continued somewhat after it. It wasn't heard when listened for at the same sky position on subsequent days, or since.
To be acceptable to science as a candidate SETI signal, it must be able to be reacquired repeatedly, and by independent observers. It must be subjected to close scrutiny to rule out Earth based explanations.
Having said that, the way the signal rose and declined in strength, as it passed through the telescope's beams, indicated a source at a minimum distance of ~250,000 miles. No Earth satellites that could have caused the signal were found to be at that distance and position at the time the signal was received. I'd say the chances of it being a genuine SETI signal are quite good. Too bad it didn't reach the scientific threshold!
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Message 1335470 - Posted: 7 Feb 2013, 15:55:02 UTC

or you could look at the last thread that was started on the topic
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