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Message 1334923 - Posted: 5 Feb 2013, 14:15:33 UTC

So changing the OS selection on the Dell support site to Vista 64 bit didn't give you the 64-bit bios update tool?

Their support site has shoot me in the foot a few times be refreshing, defaulting back to XP, & then giving me the wrong files.
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Message 1334927 - Posted: 5 Feb 2013, 14:29:03 UTC - in response to Message 1334912.  
Last modified: 5 Feb 2013, 14:29:19 UTC

I'm running Win 7-64 bit and that does not have a 64bit facility for flashing the BIOS in Windows, only a 32 bit one in XP. (Damn Microsoft!)

What exactly has Microsoft to do with Dell's BIOS updates?
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Message 1334965 - Posted: 5 Feb 2013, 21:17:20 UTC - in response to Message 1334912.  

Upshot is you cant make a bootable DOS CD/DVD, at least not that I have found.

I know it's not what you wanted, but here's how to make a bootable USB drive. From the GRC Spinrite FAQ:
Hewlett Packard (HP) makes an easy-to-use utility called “HP USB Disk Format Tool”, which includes a "Create a DOS Startup Disk" option. It's freely available from: along with the Windows 98/DOS boot files:

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Message 1334978 - Posted: 5 Feb 2013, 21:57:52 UTC

if DELL is anything like HP they made the board and its BIOS specifically for that computer and CPU. I ran into the same problem trying to upgrade an HP that had an amd Athlon 3800+. the mobo claimed to be able to handle a dual core and 4X the RAM Not so. HP made two mobo's with the same ID. Both with distintly different BIOSes. needless to say I had to replace the whole PC.
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