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Message 1333500 - Posted: 1 Feb 2013, 11:21:51 UTC

Hello Community,

after a longer break I started to support BOINC projects again. Installed BOINC on a Ubuntu 12.04 machine.

I am participating in four project, among them is SETI@HOME but all tasks so far were aborted with computation errors. All the other project are running without any complications.

Here are the tasks so far and the error messages. What makes me curious is that the majority of them has a runtime of 0:00 seconds.


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Message 1334634 - Posted: 4 Feb 2013, 17:30:58 UTC
Last modified: 4 Feb 2013, 17:42:25 UTC

Your version of 7.0.28 shouldn't be producing those errors. Hmm. Anyways you have two options I'd say.

1. Remove your boinc installation and manually install the Boinc package from here. There are some differences in how you launch the programs if you install manually like this.

2. [[Disclaimer: This option will always keep your boinc version current with the newest release, unless you un-mark it for updating using your package manager when you run updates, or follow the instructions below to remove the repository. This is ok in most cases, but beware you will be running alpha versions always, not marked stable releases. I tend to simply not update Boinc unless I have a reason to, once it's working.]]
You can add a repository specifically for the purpose of installing the newest Boinc in Ubuntu. In a terminal do:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:costamagnagianfranco/boinc
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Thats it!
This will bring your Boinc to current Alpha release 7.0.47.

If you are happy with the install and your work starts to verify as good, you may want to then remove the PPA source so you do not keep getting unnecessary updates for Boinc.
You can remove the PPA repository from your sources by:
sudo apt-add-repository --remove ppa:costamagnagianfranco/boinc
sudo apt-get update

Bugs with these PPA versions can be handled at Ubuntu launchpad bug reporting for Boinc, the PPA maintainer is also on Debian's Boinc team and watches all bug reports pertaining to Boinc, even his PPAs. :-)

Hope it helps!
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Message 1344224 - Posted: 8 Mar 2013, 22:06:07 UTC

Do you have execute permission on the application? The same thing happened to me and that was the problem.

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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : 100% Computation Errors with Ubuntu 12.04

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