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Message 1332162 - Posted: 28 Jan 2013, 5:32:10 UTC
Last modified: 28 Jan 2013, 6:44:23 UTC

OK. We have go with optimized apps!
(Ignore those twenty five errors. I had to go set my file permissions a little looser)
I'll be keeping an eye for invalids but currently I have cuda and CPU working and crunching. I'm actually getting some APs for the CPU as well, that's refreshing.

Richard Haselgrove: (I'm running a nightly pre-release of 7.0.45 right now)
Max CPU % absolutely is throttling the GPU as well. Example, Throttling Boinc to 90% results in the apps running at 100% and temporarily cutting down to 66% for short periods, to equal 90% time. During the periods when my CPU drops to 66% the video card is following suit as I can watch the temp instantly drop dramatically (over 10 degrees C), and then go back up when the CPU is back to 100%.
So I am pretty positive that what you mentioned is working at least to some extent.

My opinion, this stinks! I cannot throttle my CPU separate from my GPU.
My solution for now is just leave 1 core free on the CPU and leave it at 100% time. This keeps things from bogging down my system. While still allowing my GPU 100% use.
I'd rather have my cpu at all cores, throttled to 90%, but I can not do that now without throttling my GPU. :-(
I guess I'll just have to keep following along with the pre-release versions or alphas until I get one that has the implemented separate control for GPU :-)

To everyone who helped me figure it out, and answered my stupid questions just so I could understand everything fully;

The moral of the story, a cheap Nvidia card can do MBs faster than a thread of my xeon processor, probably faster than several threads.
I'll get details about that :-) (EDIT: initial results show the video card is doing at least the work of 2 cores (4 threads) on my Xeon)

In the meantime, it's getting kinda crunchy and warm 'round here. I'm trying to get to my first million.
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Message boards : Number crunching : Yet another Linux GPU/CUDA Apps thread.

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