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Message 1330269 - Posted: 23 Jan 2013, 0:33:56 UTC
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Written by another:

What is free speech here? It's called--banished!
Why is it called banished? Because socialist don't understand free speech.
Why don't they understand free speech? They are sheeple.

Freedom of speech does not grant one the "right" to yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater when no such fire exists.
As these are S@H's fora, as part of UC Berkeley, S@H has the right (no quotes needed) to state their version of rules surrounding free speech. (Don't like it? Post elsewhere.)
In the past, has there not been a rule about not discussing moderation openly in the fora? To not flame, whether other posters or the mods themselves?
(Example: referring to socialism in the way it is in the above quote is, at best, a sweeping generalization and at worst a flame against most to all posters and mods.)
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Message boards : Politics : "Freedom" of speech

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