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Message 1330147 - Posted: 22 Jan 2013, 13:38:38 UTC
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There is the very sad and unnecessary death of Aaron Swartz.

The implications need to change America for the better lest you are randomly targeted next:

Why the Prosecution of Internet Activist Aaron Swartz Matters to You, Personally

(Under federal law, Swartz would have faced less prison time if he'd committed manslaughter.)

And here's where the story gets personal -- relevant to you -- dear reader.

Simply put, you are most likely a criminal given the same sort of broad reading of the CFAA that Ortiz's office used to go after Swartz.

And then there is also the aspect of how the "plea bargaining system" appears to be in total disrepute and abused as a tool for extra-judicial persecution... In this example, unto death of the victim.



Essential disclaimer: All just my own personal views as always.

The victim of the unsavoury debacle is discussed on: DEAD. Murder? usa internet LAW REFORM REQUIRED!

This thread is intended for how this affects YOU and what you Americans are going to do about it.
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Message boards : Politics : Personally: This affects ALL American internet users

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