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msattlerProject donor
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United States
Message 1325402 - Posted: 6 Jan 2013, 22:58:57 UTC - in response to Message 1325401.
Last modified: 6 Jan 2013, 23:01:48 UTC

You do realize that you have been the only one who has been posting on this thread?

Not until just now, you silly man.\
Yeah, I like to listen to myself talk.

Some days, I have a lot of things to express.
As I posted to some other guy......
If you don't want to see what I have to say, block me.
It really won't hurt my feelings one bit.

You want to be my friend, that's a good thing too.
I am still the kittyman.
Accept no imitations.

I have met a few friends in my life.
Most were cats.

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Message 1325424 - Posted: 7 Jan 2013, 1:21:40 UTC
Last modified: 7 Jan 2013, 1:22:32 UTC

David vs. Goliat, eh.

Who is supposed to be the winner?

Mark Sattler is a very friendly man. But he is also number 5 here.

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Message boards : Cafe SETI : OH, great.........

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