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Jon Rook
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Message 1323719 - Posted: 2 Jan 2013, 19:35:20 UTC


I recently installed the V6.01 Astropulse application. Prior to doing that, I had installed AP V5.06, and had information pertaining to AP V5.06 in my app_info.xml file.

When I installed the V6.01 AP, I merely appended the "app_info" stuff to my pre-existing app_info.xml file. Thus my app_info file now includes stuff for V5.06 and V6.01.

Is there any reason to keep the older V5 stuff (i.e. the executable and the references to it in the app_info file)? If there isn't, I'd like to clean up the app_info.xml file.

Thanks in advance.


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Message 1323835 - Posted: 2 Jan 2013, 22:06:33 UTC - in response to Message 1323719.

Nope, no reason to keep the old v5 dile info since we don't run that app anymore
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Astropulse Question

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